Monday, September 7, 2009

The Birth of a Blognation

Our first blog entry in our new joint venture. After many failed attempts at naming our blog and choosing a personalized address (we wanted "Ne'er Do Well", but it was taken by a person who "Ne'er Do Writes"), our journal was born. Whew! What a day!
The aim with this blog is to chronicle the zany escapades of Erin and Brandon (for all of you who didn't read our title). Hopefully, we will be able to hear from you with suggestions as to where to go and what to do. We happily accept suggestions like "I'd like you to go to hell!" but they had better be a lot more creative than that because the only real insult would be your lack of effort.
Regardless of whether or not someone asks us to, our lives will go on and we will continue to report the latest happenings.
In the meantime, when we are out of ideas, and you have so kindly decided not to supply us with any of your own, we may just do things, such as review horrible movies and blame you for making us watch them (think "Material Girls") or try our hands in the kitchen (because thus far, we have only tried our feet! Eh? Eh?).(Super sorry about that one, folks!)

So keep a watchful eye out for your two favorite bloggers because we may just pop up in unexpected places (or stay within Orange County - your contributions decide our fate)!

Brandon and Erin

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