Wednesday, September 23, 2009

14-Day Challenge: Days 5 & 6

Day Five:

I awoke with my legs sore and my heart rearing to go, as I stepped into the kitchen and ate my Activia. Why my legs were exactly worn, I'll never know, but I can only assume it was from my muscles growing, as the yoghurt preps me for my 5K run on October 10th. I will finish my yoghurt and win the race! In any case, I showed off my newly-muscled legs by rocking my skinny jeans on Monday. I could feel people watching in awe as I strutted by.

"That's right, look at my legs. Ooh! Ow! I wish there weren't so sore, but I look good. Man! I look good ..." It's amazing what a pair of skinny jeans and a campus full of stares will do for your self-esteem. The gold medal is practically mine.

I will finish my yoghurt and win the race!

Day Six:

The soreness in my legs are gone. I'll just assume the yoghurt has fully developed all muscles that need developing.

After my breakfast of Activia and chewy granola bars, I went to COSTCO to pick up a few items and a barrel of protein powder, alongside a keg of Centrum vitamins. Like any upstanding citizen, I made my way through the aisles to whet my appetite with the endless, ENDLESS offerings of free samples. Don't mind if I do! However, in my process, I may have cheated on my challenge with a slender, more delicate "Gogurt". I knew I shouldn't have taken one as I reached for it, but the temptation was just too great. Finally, a yoghurt I didn't have to choke down. Filled with shame and great-tasting yoghurt, I immediately checked out and drove home.

How I can stand to face my vagina-loving yoghurt tomorrow, I'll never know. I just have to keep to my mantra: Finish my yoghurt and win the race!

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