Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Threatened by Cookie

What a wonderful sight it was to behold in Disney's California Adventure when I discovered they had finally started serving Chinese Food at the Lucky Dragon once more. I was excited. I was courageous. I dished out twelve dollars for a carton of rice and prison-select cuts of chicken, drowned in teriyaki sauce.

It's not that the meal itself was bad, by all means. I've come to expect only half-assed quality from the Walt Disney Company nowadays, and even less from the studios. But what got me bewildered was the fact that my complimentary fortune cookie finally broke the spell I had been having of only getting statements in lieu of fortunes. Things like "You did a good job" and "Your dog is a whore; watch for puppies" were "fortunes" of the past for me, but I was still a little on edge when I read: "Keep being a trusting person, but sleep with your eyes open". Was my fortune cookie threatening me?

Having not received an actual fortune in years, I didn't know whether I should be excited or fear for my life, but needless to say, I lock my bedroom door now when I sleep - if I can fall asleep. So far, things have been O.K., but I constantly find myself glaring at everyone, wondering who will lead to my untimely demise. You may be wise, fortune cookie, but I have learned a lot from you. I will continue to be a trusting person who is driving himself crazy wondering who might to try to kill him and consequently loses sleep.

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