Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cat & the Fiddle

Last night I ventured out to the depths of Los Angeles to go to the Cat & the Fiddle restaurant and bar. It was a cozy place, full of life, bad service, drunken frat boys from Florida, darts that weren't quite hitting the dartboards, and an ugly woman.

"Just one ugly woman?" you may ask. Of course not, silly, but this one was special. "How special?" Well, if you quit interrupting with questions, I'll tell you.

There has been many-a-time when I have ventured to public places and spied women with frizzy hair piled up in a bun with huge glasses and a sprouting mustache, but most of those public places was a movie theater and the girl was in the film (except for the one I saw in the Metro, which is a different breed of woman in itself), ending up popular and pretty at the end. This time, that girl walked into the restaurant and sat directly across from my table. Normally I'm not a man of charity, but I've decided I've got to help her.

Sadly, when I realized that my life's mission was to help this girl become beautiful, she had already left the bar. What to do, what to do?! Here is where I leave it to you, faithful audience:

If anyone may know this whereabouts of the following unfortunate woman, please let me know! She is destined to become cool enough to pull off prom with the captain of her high school
football team!

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